Pasture Plus 2020

Take your pasture management to the next level.

What is this course about?

With Pasture Plus 2020 learn to apply the principles of grazing management to increase pasture grown and eaten.

  • Understand how plant growth affects quality and quantity of pasture
  • Set up pastures for spring and then summer
  • Identify and manage feed surpluses
  • Use supplement more efficiently
What does the course look like?

There are eight practical workshops throughout the year, each running for 2.5 hours. Throughout these workshops you’ll be able to build your skills and knowledge, use the latest pasture management tools and resources, and access 1:1 pasture coaching in a group environment.

Who is this course for?

Suitable for those making the day-to-day pasture management decisions on-farm.

What qualification does it lead to?

There is no formal qualification attached to this course.

Interested in this course?


Pasture Plus 2020 is free for levy payers and their staff.



Duration / start dates

Eight 2.5-hour workshops

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